Tour Description Sarasota is one of the most haunted cities in Florida, boasting a historically colorful past with many untimely deaths. Many of the sites on the tour are notorious for their ghost sightings and paranormal activity. Others are not as well documented, but are visually stunning, particularly at night. The stories behind many of our stops (hauntings) range from the fascinating to the truly chilling. Some of the spirits remind us of the presence merely in the background of everyday; others demand recognition and rememberance. Some are playful, and others remain behind to make a point. All, we believe, have a purpose in their eternal existence. Our tour does not intend to scare anyone. Rather, we let the tales speak for themselves. And, they do... We don’t guarantee that a paranormal experience will happen on any given tour. Nor can we say that it won’t. We do promise an entertaining, informative, and sometimes haunted walk through Sarasota’s past. IMPORTANT! Don’t forget to bring your camera! Orb sightings are frequent and freaky... It is not uncommon for apparations to show up in photos that are not seen with your eyes! Copyright © 2010, Sarasota Ghost Tours